Partnering to build a world where all people have safe drinking water.

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Our Approach

We facilitate safe and clean water

The RUWAFIKI solution is a Water Filtration Kit made of locally sourced, sustainable and environmentally friendly materials, designed to help in the filtration of contaminated water gotten from unsafe sources in some underdeveloped communities.

Our Mission

RUWAFIKI seeks to improve health through provision of portable, innovative and environmentally friendly water treatment kits for domestic water treatment in rural communities. We work with local stakeholders and partners.

Our Vision

To Impove Global Health Through Safe Drinking Water

Partnering to build a world where all people have safe drinking water.

Are you passionate about global health? Do you wish to see the number of death of children under 5years reduce? Do you wish to have a healthy family? Do you know any NGOs who can support this cause? Help reach out to the disadvantaged rural communities accessing unsafe water. Partner with RUWAFIKI. Contact us on any of our networks and let us work towards this goal.

How it works

The kit is easy to use and follows the water utility processes.

Step 1:

Pour the moringa into the water and stir for some minutes.

Step 2:

Leave it to settle for some time.

Step 3:

Setup the kit.

Step 4:

Pour the water into the funnel of the kit to filter it.

About 300 million people lack access to safe drinking water in sub-Saharan Africa Every year 500,000 people die of diarrheal diseases.


Easy setup

No power/energy required

Reusable andrewashable


Social and environmental impact

Usage of Sustainable & natural materials

RUWAFIKI uses environmentally friendly materials like moringa.

Clean water is a human right.

Protecting lives

Using the natural products to solve the problem of waterborne diseases


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Why is your team right for the job?

Victo Nabunya

Victo Nabunya is a Ugandan, currently pursuing a Master of Science in Water Engineering. She has a background of Agricultural Mechanization and Irrigation Engineering. She works as a Teaching assistant at Busitema University. Victo has interests in rural community and humanitarian works, Irrigation technologies, WASH, climate change adaptation and gender studies.

Francess Gbolare Awunor

Francess Gbolare Awunor is a Nigerian, currently pursuing a Master of Science in Water Policy. She has a background of law, she has worked as an Environmental Lawyer and carried out various research maritime pollution, water policy and laws. Francess has interests in Water Policy and governance, Ocean conservation and Environmental law and human rights.

Oludare Sunday Durodola

Oludare Sunday is a Nigerian, currently pursuing a Master of Science in Water Engineering. He has a background of Agricultural and Environmental Engineering. He has worked as a teaching assistant at Federal University Dutsinma, Nigeria. Oludare has interests in youth and leadership development, WASH and climate change adaptation.

Claydon Mumba Kanyunge

Claydon Mumba Kanyunge is a Zambian, currently pursuing a Master of Science in Water Policy. He has a background of Biology and Chemistry. He has worked as a youth Climate Change ambassador at unite4climate Zambia. He has interests in climate change adaption, public health, water treatment, renewable energy, and sustainability.

Margaret Sima Kironde

Margaret Sima Kironde is a Tanzanian, currently pursuing a Master of Science in Water Policy. She has a background of Environmental Science and Management. She has worked as a program coordinator ensuring women and girl’s rights and care for environment are promoted and sustained. Margaret has interests in promoting and contributing to SDGs through advocating for good policies and proper intervention that can contribute to water resource management in the face of climate change


What we have achieved

We have successful developed the project idea with benchmarking to rural area settings to see current situation of Makondo Parish.

BeChangemaker Africa 2020

RUWAFIKI emerged as Top 3 out of 315 teams that applied for the programme which lasted for 3 months. BeChangeMaker Africa Programme is an initiative of the African Union and HP to foster entrepreneurship skills among young Africans.

Young Social Programme 2020

Honoured and excited to be selected as one of the Top 15 social enterprise team in the Singapore International Foundation’s Young Social Entrepreneurs (YSE) Programme, out of 54 social enterprise teams, 109 changemakers, from across 19 nationalities.

Heineken Challenge 2019

Our project manager Clanydon Mumba Kanyuge represented RUWAFIKI at the Heineken Challenge held in Mexico. We also emerged as a winning team at 2019 Heineken Green Challenge, (A global competition for ideas), held in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico. Emerging as winners for Heineken challenge made us eligible recipient of the Heineken Green challenge accelerator program for project development in Monterrey.

Geneva Challenge 2019

We emerged as winning team at 2019 Geneva Challenge with theme ‘Challenges of Global Health’, held at Geneva, Switzerland. We received Validation and recommendation from a jury comprising of health, water and international development experts including experienced entrepreneurs.

Our Partners

Who we work with